Mr Balan Nair

Ausean Business Gateway is spearheaded by Mr Balan Nair, a business visionary who has been the driving force behind much of the closer economic ties that have developed between Malaysia and Australia over the last two decades.

A former athletic champion for Malacca in his youth and a national soccer representative for Malaysia, Mr Nair has carried this same skill and intensity into the corporate environment and contributed significantly to the establishment of a vast amount of global trade initiatives. With a strong network both in the private and public sectors, Mr Nair is the perfect go-between able to negotiate major business deals throughout the Asian region.

Having established his business in Australia during the 1980's, Mr Nair has recently re-established his business headquarters back in his birthplace of Malaysia. He is now committed to sharing the business knowledge and expertise he has gained in Australia to drive continued growth and prosperity in Malaysia.

Through Balan's stewardship, Ausean provide a total turnkey solution for the realisation of significant business projects.